TriCity Trail

Trójmiejski Park Krajobrazowy, 09.07.2022


Tricity Trail 80+

Distance: 83,3km

Elevation gain: +1705/-1805

ITRA points: 3

Time limit: 15 hours

Contestant limit: 250

The Tricity Trail leads along the paths of Tricity Landscape Park and Gdańsk Forest District and gives you a unique opportunity to admire the beauty of the area. The route starts in Gdańsk leading thru such landmarks as Gdynia,  Sopot and Rumia and passing the picturesque forests of Oliwa and Sopot with the finish line in Wejherowo.

Participants  will run thru such nature reserves as Źródliska in Dolina Ewy, Kacze Łęgi and Cisowa.

On the route one can experience uphill and downhill running and while the paths resemble mountain trails, participating in the marathon requires specific strength training. The middle part of this route allows speeding but again near Rumia the trails get hilly.

Adjusting the speed during the marathon  is essential  in order to pick up the pace at the end of the route in the city park in Wejherowo.

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Tricity Trail Marathon+

Distance: 49,1km

Elevation gain: +1015/-1115

ITRA points: 2

Time limit: 9 hours

Contestant limit: 250

This marathon is a good option for those who are not apt to run the 80km distance yet but would like to take part in a distance longer than 21km.

The route provides you with an opportunity to experience running on the amazing paths of Tricity Landscape Park and Gdansk Forest District. The start line is located in Gdynia (in Apollin Street near Gdynia-Chwarzno road junction on Tricity ring road) and the finish line is in Wejherowo, in the city park (park Miejski Majakowskiego).

Runners should take into account that although the route is not a mountain terrain, they can expect numerous elevations. The terrain is diverse and mountain training is required as the route includes around 20 hills. Therefore, running strategy comes in handy.

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Tricity Trail Halfmarathon+

Distance: 21,4km

Elevation gain: +400/-400

Time limit: 4 hours

Contestant limit: 500

For those who are not willing to take part in the 80km and 49,1km races, there is a half marathon loop in Tricity Landscape Park and Gdansk Forest District near Wejherowo. The second part of this route is the same as the route of the beforementioned marathons and it has a finish line in the city park (Park Miejski im. Majakowskiego) in Wejherowo.

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